Boost your Yoga Business

A 2.5 Hour Coaching Intensive

**This coaching package is currently not available as I spend some time working on some new ways of serving my community. If you would like to go on a waitlist please email me, or look at the other coaching offerings I currently have available**

Do you need a boost in your yoga business to take it to the next level?

Are you ready to take action?


Now is the perfect time to inject some inspiration and changes into your business to help you set clear intentions and plans for the rest of 2018.

Sadly, being a great teacher does not translate into being a successful and abundant business owner unless you implement the nuts and bolts of being a business owner. This leads us to being tired, overwhelmed, underpaid, or stuck in the “day job” we hate because we don’t know how to make the changes we need.

Success and abundance means that we can look after our own needs – energy, money, life balance, in such a way that we serve out students so much more. Who doesn’t want that? We all have different dreams and desires – what would success and abundance feel like for you?


  • Having a teaching schedule that served your energy and life balance and rewarded you well financially?
  • Having a tribe of dedicated students who want to come to everything you offer?
  • Knowing how much you will earn, and seeing how you can up-level this without working harder?
  • Giving up the day job to spend all of your working time doing something you are called to?
  • Finding marketing easeful?
  • Having sold out classes and events?
  • Having a clear and efficient business plan?



Are you ready to Boost Your Yoga Business?

Boost Your Yoga Business is a laser sharp, kick start, powerful coaching intensive designed to fire you up and place your focus in the right direction.


2.5 powerful hours of coaching to nail down where you can create the changes you need to take your business to the next level. Together we will look at all aspects of your business to discover what isn’t working for you, where you are holding yourself back through limiting beliefs, and what needs to be up-leveled in order for you to move forwards.

You will leave this session with a concise, powerful action plan ready to take you to the next level in your business and life.

I love to work with yoga teachers who have the desire, commitment and insight to realise their dreams, both personally and professionally – are you one of them?

I am a real life yoga teacher, and teacher trainer, and I LOVE the coaching side of my business, but I need to walk the walk and practice what I preach with energy, time and life balance. So don’t delay – I have a limited number of intensive sessions available over the next six months – secure your spot now.



Nicky Mumford's testimonial for Dawn Wright

My coaching session with Dawn has been invaluable in helping me to have a clearer idea about where I should focus my time and energy with marketing, managing my ever growing to do list and developing my yoga classes. As a new teacher, and business owner, there is so much to get to grips with and I had been struggling to see the wood for the trees! Dawn has a wealth of experience and is a great motivator – I feel like she genuinely cares about everyone that she helps. Thank you Dawn!

Nicky Mumford, Nicky Mumford Yoga, UK

Prior to my coaching call via Skype I felt completely and utterly overwhelmed by everything to do with my potential yoga business – marketing, venues, social media, my own yoga training…the list was just going on and on. Because Dawn gave me a few things to think about before we spoke, I already felt like I had some direction which started to calm my overthinking mind.

During our call, Dawn put me at ease and asked questions that really made me think what it was that I wanted from my business. Verbalising my ideas and my vision made everything clearer and then we worked together to determine the steps to take next. We prioritised and shared different options, the whole time Dawn made me feel the one in control (which was new to me!). The most amazing thing happened immediately following the call – I completed the 2 things I had prioritised. Dawn gave me direction, control and purpose which felt amazing!

Thank you Dawn for guiding me to find my path, my yoga journey (even though it’s right at the beginning) feels more exciting than ever. Your knowledge, expertise and professional yet nurturing manner have been invaluable to me and I look forward to working with you again soon.

Thank you!

Kelly Hopkinson, Kelly Hopkinson Yoga, UK

Kelly Hopkinson's testimonial for Dawn Wright