About me

So a bit more “about me”. I am a yoga teacher, yoga teacher trainer and yoga business coach (AKA all round Yoga Geek).

Yoga has been part of pretty much my entire adult life, from my first traditional Hatha yoga class in a local community centre, to spending a year travelling around India, and starting my journey as a yoga teacher nearly 20 years ago.

This was combined with a career in financial and tax management – after all, I was good at this, and wasn’t this a steady job with good prospects and a final salary pension scheme………..?

Yes, it was all of these things (along with flexible hours that worked like a dream around my 3 children), but I found it soul destroying. I couldn’t ignore the strong pull to do what I felt so passionate about anymore, so I took the leap to working full time in yoga and have never looked back!

And here’s the wonderful thing – all of those years in business gave me loads of skills to build the successful yoga business I now have. And combined with many years of teaching classes and running sell out events and retreats I have honed these skills even more to work perfectly in the yoga industry.

I have created a yoga business that I ABSOLUTLY LOVE. A business that lets me travel the world teaching yoga, that is flexible so I can choose where and when I work and spend the time I desire with my family. That is focused on working with the people that I REALLY want to work with, and which rewards me financially.

But, I know that this is not the case for everyone. That being a yoga great teacher doesn’t always go hand-in with having a great yoga business that supports you energetically and financially and emotionally.

Success is different for everyone, and it is my passion to support yoga teachers through a variety of ways to grow a yoga business that is PERFECT FOR THEM (no cookie cutter approach here).  To build authentic, heart-led businesses that gives them the time, energy and financial freedom to really live the life they feel called to.

So if you are looking for support and community, alongside practical tools and information to grow your business skills and knowledge, come and say “hi”, I would love to connect with you.