An Exploration of Functional Anatomy for Yoga Teachers

Saturday 5 October 2019

An Exploration of Functional Anatomy for Yoga Teachers
February 15, 2019 Dawn

Saturday 5th October 2019, 11am – 5.30pm

£85 per person with two-course lunch, £75 per person without

This one day CPD workshop is a must for yoga teachers and teachers in training who want to expand their functional anatomy knowledge in relation to yoga asana.

You only need to look around a yoga class to see a wide variety of bodies with different possibilities and restrictions, so how can we support them all?

Using a mixture of lecture, discussion and practical inquiry this workshops steps away from the dry (and yes sometimes boring) side of anatomy, to focus on real bodies in an experiential way.

Spaces are limited – this is a small group setting which focuses on being able to provide plenty of individual attention, interaction and support.

You will:

• Gain more confidence and a deeper understanding of how anatomy can enhance your teaching skills.
• Learn the language of body reading and determining skeletal patterns
• Assess common postural patterns
• Understand how to make yoga postures both safe and inclusive for all
• Examine what we say as yoga teachers and how to intelligently refine the use of anatomical language in our teaching.


Event Investment:
£85 per person with two course lunch, £75 per person without lunch

Early bird voucher code: 5OFF

Near Banbury, Oxfordshire