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  • Rebecca Roberts
    Posted at 15:24h, 27 May Reply

    When I first opened my small studio (max 8 clients) i was just taking on the day cash and the odd online payment for events and workshops where pre-booking was essential. Over time I became frustrated when people would cancel or not turn up (many just forgot they had booked) so I started to use the free Bookwhen booking platform just for bookings at first but as my classes started to fill up more it became clear that spending a bit per month on a paid for system would cancel out any no-shows over a period of time – they would receive an automated email reminder the day before (you can change this to whenever you like) there was a waiting list function and I could now take online payments, group bookings and class passes. Not only did it improve attendance figures it also made my life so much simpler – I knew exactly who had booked so I could factior in any modifications they might require, the money was accounted for, it made it all seem much more professional and i can just include the booking/payment link to anything I do on Facebook/Website etc. I can’t imagine going back to a ‘paper’ system now – even for my small classes !

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