Terms and Conditions 


This document outlines the terms and conditions which apply to all trainees applying for and attending the Shining Lotus Yoga Teacher Training Course.


Interpretation and Variation

1.1 References in the Terms and Conditions to the singular will include the plural and vice versa and references to the masculine gender will include references to the feminine gender .

1.2 The Terms and Conditions will be governed by the laws of England and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.


‘Us’,  ‘Our’ or ‘We’  means Shining Lotus Yoga Teacher Training


Provision of Teacher Training


We will provide the Course to you on the Course dates set out in the Booking. 


We will make every effort to complete the Course on time. However, there may be delays due to an Event Outside Our Control. 

In the unlikely event that We have to suspend the Course because of organisational problems We will contact you to let you know in advance where this occurs, unless the problem is urgent or an emergency. If you have chosen to pay by instalments you will still have to pay the instalments whilst the Course is suspended under this clause provided that we reschedule the Course within 30 days of suspension. 

If you do not pay Us for the Course when you are supposed to, 

 we may suspend your right to attend the Course with immediate effect until you have paid Us the outstanding amounts. We will contact you to tell you this. 


Application Procedure Eligibility 


Trainees should have a minimum of two years of consistent yoga asana practice prior to starting the course.  




A formal written application is required to include details of your yoga experience and practice to date. A letter of reference is required from your most recent main teacher. 


A completed health questionnaire must be completed as part of the application process.  A personal interview may be required. Upon being accepted on the course, the applicant is sent a learning agreement to be signed. 


Registration and securing your place 


Once your application has been accepted, and you have been offered a place on the training course, a non-refundable deposit of £550 is payable to secure your place. Applicants are taken on a first come first served basis. The remainder of the course fees are due before the commencement of the course.  We reserve the right to refuse a place on a course if fees are not paid in full before the course commences. 


  • Outstanding fees are payable in instalments as laid out in the payment schedule.  Any bank fees are the responsibility of the trainee. If you pay for the Course in instalments and miss any payment then the whole of the outstanding Course fee will become due and payable within 14 days of failure to pay an installment.  Trainees wishing to pay the course fees in one payment  at least 6 Months prior to the start date are eligible for the reduced fee of £2500. 


An example of an instalment payment:

£550 deposit

5  x £450 monthly payments, starting from 1 month after deposit has been made, assuming application has been accepted – with all payments being made in full 60 days before the start of the course


Applications made with less than 6 months to the commencement of the course must be paid in full or split into monthly installments (to be agreed) so that all fees are paid in full 60 days prior to the start of the course. 


Course Fee Includes 

  •  Tuition and mentoring 
  •  Training and Assessment fees which we have scheduled as part of the course at the venue we have provided. Trainee handbook, course study manual and other printed teacher training resources. These resources are subject to copyright and cannot be photocopied or reproduced to be passed to a third party without our prior consent


  • Certificate Course Fee Excludes 
  • Pre-course study and course reference books (titles will be given to the trainee upon registration to the course) 
  • Compulsory external First Aid course 
  • Any additional Training and Assessment fees not included as part of the course.  If we are required to assess you externally an hourly rate and travel cost will be additional to any fees paid.  
  • Overnight accommodation
  • Travel
  • Flights
  • Food 
  • Insurance (you can get this from Yoga Alliance Professionals for just
  • £10)* If you reside in the UK or £20 if you reside in Ireland
  • A certificate (paying the fees do not guarantee you a certificate as you

will need to successfully pass all assignments and attend a minimum of

80% the course.

Additional fees for re-arranging or re-taking of teaching assessment

Private sessions with course tutors to make up for missed hours

Marking fees for additional assignments to make up for missed hours


Upon signing up for the teacher training course your name, email address and

phone number will be forwarded to our accrediting body, Yoga Alliance Profes-

sionals YAP, and you will get a free membership with YAP for the duration of

your course. Residents of the UK and Ireland are eligible to add Trainee insur-

ance for the duration of their course (£10 UK, £20 Ireland).


We reserve the right to amend any of the above conditions any time through-

out the course.


Trainee Obligations 


All trainees will attend each session of each day of the training course period. They will complete all course assessments, examinations and assignments – unless otherwise agreed in writing with the course Principal. Trainees will conduct themselves throughout the course in a professional and supportive manner to their fellow trainees and the course teachers and be expected to uphold our Code of Conduct. Trainees should attend 100% of the contact hours to successfully graduate and obtain the YAP teaching qualification. We understand, however, that you may not be able to foresee every eventuality so the following contingency will apply. Graduation is not automatic. In addition to meeting the training hours all other assessments must be completed to the minimum level of competency required and teaching must meet the required minimum standard.  Students are expected to maintain both regular home practice and regular class attendance and will need to document these.


If you miss any contact hours you may still complete the program with your intake, provided you schedule a catch-up session (private) or agree extra work with your Course Tutor at some point during the program to catch up on the material you missed. The cost of a private session is  £70 per hour. The content missed will determine either the number of make up hours required or the additional assignments required. The course tutors will decide on the appropriate course of action needed. There is a maximum of 4 days that can be missed and made up for the completion of this course. If more than 4 days of the course are missed you cannot gain certification. You may still continue with the course for your personal learning experience. If you wish to gain certification in these circumstances you will need to retake the course. A discretionary reduction of the course fees will be considered on a case by case basis.


Re-sitting assignments . We will offer 1 free re-marking during the course but additional remarking of assignments will cost £30 per remarking of an assignment. 


Refund Policy The deposit of £550 will be non-refundable should the trainee be unable to commence or complete the Teacher Training course.Once you have accepted your place and the course has started, all course fees are due as per the contract you signed and returned to us when you accepted your place. Please note that all trainee fees are due 60 days prior to the commencement of the course. 


90 days or more prior to the course start date:


Your payment will be refunded, less non-refundable deposit of £550 plus a £50 administration fee will be due.


61-89 days prior to the course start date:


50 % of the fees will be refunded,  less the non-refundable deposit of £550 plus a £50 administration fee will be due.


60 days or less prior to the start date:

Payments are not refundable or transferable.


In the event that any of the Shining Lotus Yoga Teacher Training Faculty are unable to teach due to injury or health issues, a suitable and qualified replacement teacher will be appointed to teach in their place. 


Course Cancellation by Shining Lotus Yoga TT


We reserve the right to postpone, or cancel, a stated course. In the case of any course cancellation, we will give applicants as much notice as possible. If we postpone a stated course, applicants reserve the right to retain their place on the new course with the revised dates, in which case all the course fees received are transferred to the new course. If the revised dates of a postponed course do not suit the applicant and result in the applicant leaving the course, or Shining Lotus Yoga TT cancels a stated course completely, full refund of all received tuition fees will be offered to the applicant.  We are unable to guarantee availability of the venue of the Course set out in the Booking. This is because we hire appropriate venues according to the course being offered. We rely on third parties to ensure the venue is accessible and ready for use in accordance with the standards we require. If we decide to relocate the Course venue we will notify you of the alternative Course location which will be within a 10 mile radius of the venue set out in the Booking. 


Trainee Leaving the Course


It is our aim and policy to facilitate teacher trainees who may be experiencing difficulties either with the training or in other areas of their life so they are able to complete the teacher training course. However, we understand that in some circumstances this is not possible, and trainees have no choice other than to leave the course. In this instance: 


  1. You will not be entitled to a certificate and will not be able to graduate

 from the training. 2. Any course fees outstanding for the remainder of the training are still due.  3. There is no refund of fees already paid for modules, workshops, classes etc. already taken. 


Disqualification from the Training 

We reserve the right to disqualify trainees at any time during the course for issues of severe misconduct, or if it is deemed by us that a trainee is unfit to teach yoga. The procedure in these cases is as follows: 

  1. Trainees will be given a warning in writing that they are being considered for disqualification. The letter will outline the reasons for such consideration. 2. The trainee may be invited to meet in person with the course Principal and their co-teacher to discuss the situation. 3. After this meeting we will make a final decision as to whether the trainee may be allowed to continue training or not. 4. The trainee will be able to appeal this decision by writing to us outlining the reasons for their appeal. 5. We will consider the trainee’s appeal in good faith and will inform the trainee in writing of the final decision. No further appeals will be considered after this decision has been made.  


Complaints Procedure 


This document outlines the internal complaints procedure for trainees attending our Teacher Training course. We want to ensure that our training course is of the highest quality, we recognise that issues of dissatisfaction may arise that may lead to the submission of a complaint by a trainee. We believe in honest and respectful communication, any upset, dispute or disagreement can often be quickly resolved. The procedures describe how to bring issues of dissatisfaction to our awareness and how to submit formal complaints. They also enable us to respond clearly and properly to any concerns raised and to know when, and why, our trainees are not satisfied with our services and/or courses, so that we can improve them. What is a complaint? A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction in either written or spoken form. A complaint can be made by an individual or a group.  We will always make time available to hear any concern or complaint. It is of utmost importance for us to be able to offer our trainees an environment where they feel safe to share feedback and raise concerns when they arise. All complaints will be investigated fully and fairly. 


There are two stages that you can follow to try to resolve the issue. We always try to resolve any complaint as soon as possible. You may wish to involve an advocate, friend or someone else to support you at any stage. If you need a sign language or community language interpreter, please let the person dealing with the complaint know and every reasonable effort will be made to provide it. 


Stage One (Informal) In the first instance, it is the responsibility of the complainant to make an attempt to resolve the issue with the tutor or individual(s) concerned. 


Stage Two (formal) After following Stage 1 If you are not satisfied with the response you have received the complaint should be made formally. 

Outline the details of your complaint by e-mailing info@shininglotusyoga.co.uk for the attention of the Course Principal. . If your complaint is about the Course Principal, then you need to address it to the Course Administrator (marked private and confidential) at the same email address. Your complaint will be acknowledged within 10 working days. The letter of response will contain the following information:- 1. Name, and contact details of the person who will investigate the complaint 2. The date of the incident if applicable. 3. What support you can expect to receive during the process of the complaint. 


An expected response date. We will aim to investigate the complaint within 30 days and not later than 8 weeks from the date it is received dependent on the level of investigation required.


In fairness to all parties and to ensure the investigator is able to investigate

the complaint in an open and meaningful way, we cannot guarantee your



In exceptional cases, however, where a child or vulnerable adult

is involved, in accordance with national guidelines and good practice the iden-

tity of individuals at risk will be protected.


The complaint will be investigated and considered by the Course Principal or Course Administrator if the complaint is regarding the Course Principal. Further information may be sought from third parties with regard to the background, for example, from other students on a course. The response will include the following information: 


Details of the investigation 

  • A decision about whether the complaint was upheld or not
  • The reason for the decision
  • The re-dress, if appropriate, which will be offered to you , for example,

an apology, additional help or directing you to other sources of advice

or support

  • Any other action that may be taken in light of the complaint
  • If it is not possible to provide a full answer to your complaint within 30

working days, the letter will outline reasons why and give a date by

which a full answer is expected, no later than 8 weeks.