Course Syllabus Overview
This course is designed to give aspiring yoga teachers the skills and confidence to teach “real” people in a variety of settings, using a solid foundation of anatomical understanding and how to apply this in practically in their teaching, along with a good foundation of knowledge around the history and philosophy of yoga so that this traditional aspect can be incorporated into their teaching. Alongside learning skills and deepening their knowledge, they are encouraged to inquire and reflect on their own personal growth through out the course. **This course is a blended/hybrid course with a mix of online live teaching and 6 full days/50 hours in a physical teaching space towards the last 3rd of the course (assuming social distancing allows this. If this is not possible due to covid 19 then we would offer a free additional weekend after graduation when it was possible). The course wil take 11 months to complete
Content Example
Practice of asana pranayama etc 20% of the contact hours will be spent in physical practice of asana, pranayama and mediation. This will allow the TT’s to experience and understand in depth the key poses of the course and deepen and evolve their own personal practice.
Teaching Practice and Methods 40% of contact hours will be spent on teaching practice and methodology. This course has a strong emphasis on practical teaching skills, and learning how to adapt these to a wide range of student taking into account their needs and levels of experince.
Does the course have a particular focus? This course will be focusing on the skills and knowledge to teach in the styles of Hatha and Hatha Flow Yoga. It’s foundations will be based on the traditional lineage of yoga, whilst also incorporating modern approaches to teaching and current anatomical understanding.
What is the overall aim of the course? The aim of this course is to ensure that the students have the skills, knowledge and confidence to teach a mixed ability Hatha or Hatha Flow Class.
What will the graduate be able to do at the end of the course? The graduates will be able to show a good level of competancy in all aspects of teaching Hatha and Hatha flow yoga, including how to set up and run their own classes and how to plan and deliver courses
How will the course be assessed? The course will be assessed through-out via observation and feedback from the course tutors. This will included assignments and practical teaching observations including a final class teaching assessment. Students who do not meet the requirements to pass will be given the opportunity to do so at a later date, providing they are committed to the process and improvement needed.