Thai Massage

Thai Yoga Massage or Nuad Thai

I have been a bodyworker for over 15 years, and Thai Yoga Massage was the perfect discipline to add to my other therapies and Yoga Teaching Skills.

Thai Yoga Massage, also known as Thai Massage or Nuad Thai, has it’s historical roots in the Indian traditions of Yoga and Ayruveda. It is believed to have been developed by Jivaka Kumar Baccha, who was a physician to the Sangha of Buddhist monks and nuns who first bought Buddhism to Thailand around 2000 years ago. He is known to the Thai people as Doctor Shivago and to this day they honour him as “The Father of Medicine”.

Like most Eastern holistic traditions, the intention behind Thai Yoga Massage is to balance the body’s energy. This is done through working on the energy lines of the body (Sen lines) to release trapped or blocked energy.

In practice this means that a Thai Yoga session will use a combination of acupressure, rhythmical rocking movements and assisted yoga stretches. These are applied by the practitioner’s thumbs, palms, elbows, knees and feet, to manipulate the energy lines of the body to diminish tension, relieve stiffness, increase mobility and to create a feeling of wellbeing, vitality and deep relaxation. Each session is varied according to the needs of the client. A Thai Yoga Massage takes place on a futon mattress on the floor, and you are fully clothed throughout the treatment.

I offer Thai Yoga Massage sessions within the comfort of your own home around Northants, Beds and Bucks. Prices below are for treatments within 15 miles of Yardley Hastings, Northants. Please contact me to discuss if you are outside of this area.

Thai Massage

1.5 hours £80 | 2 hours £95

A full Thai Yoga Massage is from 1 ½ – 2 hours long. During this time you will have a wide range of Thai Massage techniques applied (according to your personal needs), which will take place with the receiver in several different positions – front lying, back lying, side and seated positions.

The 2 hour treatment gives you the deepest and fullest experience of the practice.

Pregnancy Thai Yoga Massage

1.5 hours £75 | 2 hours £95

Thai Yoga Massage is a lovely experience during pregnancy to enhance your feeling of wellbeing during this special time. Here are just a few of the benefits prenatal massage has to offer:

  • Reduces stress and brings about a sense of deep relaxation and wellbeing
  • Helps relieve swelling by stimulating circulation throughout the body
  • Helps to promote restful sleep
  • Encourages a meditative and calm state
  • Relives muscular tension, tightness and cramps

The practice is adapted so that a full Thai Massage can be carried out mainly in the side lying position, with props and support for comfort.


What do I wear?

Unlike a Swedish/oil massage, during a Thai yoga massage you are fully clothed. It is best to wear long sleeve tops and trousers that are not too thick, and that you are able to move freely in.

Can I eat before a Thai Yoga Massage?

It is not recommended to eat a large meal within a 1 – 2 hours of a treatment, but smaller meals, snacks and drinks are fine.

Are you fully trained and insured to do this?

Yes. My teachers have been Ralf Marzen (Mudita School of Thai Massage), and Kira Balaskas (School of Thai Yoga Massage) and I hold Advanced Thai Massage qualifications along with specialist training in Pregnancy Thai Massage. I am affiliated to The Complementary Medical Association and am a member of Thai (Internationally recognised professional body for Thai Massage Practitioners).

I have a health condition - is Thai Yoga Massage suitable for me?

Every session is adjusted to the needs of the client, which means that most health conditions or illness can be accommodated. Please contact me to discuss individual needs.

I am outside your normal travelling distance - can I still arrange a Thai Massage with you?

Please contact me to discuss, it may mean an additional fee for traveling, or arranging an appointment time when I have other appointments that are not too far away from you.

Are gift vouchers available?

Yes – as long as the person you intend to buy them for is within traveling distance of 15 miles from Yardley Hastings. Gift Vouchers have a 6 month expiry date on them.