Yin and Tonic - A Full Day of Yoga Workshops - Saturday 21st September 2019

Yoga Sanctuary, Barcelona, Spain

Yin and Tonic – A Full Day of Yoga Workshops – Saturday 21st September
March 25, 2019 Dawn

Saturday 21st September 2019, 10am – 5pm

€40 for one workshop, €70 for both workshops

Soothe your body with this healing Yin and Tonic full-day workshop.

In Taoist philosophy, late summer is a powerful and auspicious time, a turning point between the hot yang energy of summer and the cooler yin energy of Autumn. Using this we will be spending the day diving into practices to attune our minds, bodies, and spirits with the qualities it evokes.

Morning Class: Yang/Tonic 10.00-13.00
Our morning session will be spent in a fiery yang practice – exploring the bountiful and transformational energy of late summer as we move through a playful and dynamic flow, burning away the heat of the summer, and with it leaving behind things that no longer serve us.

Afternoon Class: Yin 14.00-17.00
During the afternoon session, we will work with a grounding yin practice focused on the Stomach and Spleen meridians. This will allow us to indulge in the time and space to digest our thoughts and emotions so that we can transform them into tangible ideas and creations, and for turning inwards towards our individual needs and desires to build resilience and self-care in our practice and our lives.

All Levels welcomed


Yoga Sanctuary, Barcelona, Spain


Individual Workshop €40
Both Workshops €70


To reserve your place, email Gilly at Yoga Sanctuary for payment details –