Yin Yoga 50 hour Teacher Training: Dawn Wright Yoga Teacher Training

Syllabus for both live online (zoom) and in studio course – content is the same

100% of the course will be taught by SYT

Aims of the course:

During this teacher training intensive we will explore the practice and experience of yin Yoga, understand the history and concepts of Yin Yoga, and learn how to effectively teach this subtle but powerful style of Yoga, leaving participants with a deeper understanding of this practice and its theory and confidence to teach Yin to their students.

Course Syllabus:

Total 50 hours

28 contact hours (either live online or in studio) covering the content below


  • What is Yin Yoga:
  • History of Yin Yoga:
  • Yin vs Yang:
  • Yin Yoga and Chinese Meridian theory:


  • Experience of Yin Poses in practice:
  • Pranayama and Mediation Practices for Yin:


  • The Nature of Fascia and connective tissues in Yin:
  • Tension and Compression:
  • Skeletal variations and their effects:


  • How to intelligently sequence a Yin Practice:
  • Understanding Modifications and Use of Props:
  • The Language of yin (use of tone, pacing and language in teaching)
  • Holding space for your students:
  • Special considerations for teaching yin – pregnancy and hypermobility:
  • Practicalities of teaching yin (how to find students/marketing, pricing, options for teaching in a variety of settings)
  • Group teaching practice:


22 non-contact hours:

  • Reading of course book: 10 hours
  • Observation of classes: 4 hours
  • Assignment 1: 4 hours
  • Assignment 2: 4 hours