Business Coaching

for Yoga Teachers

Are you a yoga teacher who is feeling burnt out from teaching too much, but earning too little?

Are you stuck with what to do around marketing, accounts, bookkeeping and other “businessy” things?

Maybe you are a newly qualified teacher who just isn’t sure where to start in “the business of yoga”? Or an experienced teacher who now wants to stand out as such in your community, or expand your current offerings, but isn’t sure how? Has the time finally come to leave “the day job” and pursue yoga not only as your passion but as your full time profession? You are not alone!

Are you ready for change? Now is the time for you…

  • To grow your business in a way that serves you energetically and financially, as well as serving your students or community from your heart
  • To truly step into the shoes of the yoga teacher or holistic business owner you have always wanted to be
  • To get clear on your business (and life) goals – when you have a passion they are hard to separate!
  • To put great business systems into place for more efficient working and better productivity
  • To love the business that you are creating and the lifestyle you are leading

When I first started yoga teaching over 15 years ago, I didn’t think that “real” people could actually make a living from it. It was “pin-money”, not a job – and certainly not a respected profession! Bear in mind this is a bit before yoga went totally main-stream. Pre-internet, pre-sticky yoga mats and not a trendy yoga legging in sight. Now, there is a world of yoga (and other holistic) business opportunities out there ready to be taken, but sometimes we just need some help, support and encouragement along the path to achieving our abundant, fulfilling, dream businesses.

Let me help you on your journey

When mentor and coaching, I speak to really great yoga teachers all the time who are struggling with getting enough students, setting prices, time-management, organisation, marketing, earning enough money, having enough energy (and the list could go on and on). As a full time yoga teacher, I totally get you. Over the years I have “been there, done that”, and learnt both from my mistakes and my successes in what works to create an abundant yoga business. I can help you with the things that only someone who is “in it” can fully understand.

In addition to everything I have learnt as a yoga teacher, I also bring the skills from my “previous life”, with 20+years of working in financial and tax management, and small business management, including management in a Yoga Studio. So I also have great experience in all of that painful but necessary stuff around tax, budgets, cash flow, business planning, self- assessment… and so on. Are you ready to work with me to take that next step towards an abundant and fulfilling business?